Steph Curry’s Mouthguard Is For Sale

Steph Curry's Mouthguard Could Sell for $25,000

Steph Curry’s Mouthguard Could Sell for Over $25,000

Steph Curry’s mouthguard from Game 4 of the 2018 NBA Finals is up for auction.

Which begs the question, would you really want someone else’s mouthguard?

Even though Steph’s mouthguard spends a lot of time out of his mouth, there are more bacteria in our mouths than there are people on the planet.

And I get that some of us love to collect sports memorabilia, but a used mouthguard?

Yes, the mouthguard in question is Steph Curry’s, arguably one of the greatest pure shooters to ever play in the NBA.

And yes, Steph’s mouthguard is from the final sweep game of Golden State Warriors 2018 NBA Title winning season.

But someone is really going to pay upwards of $25,000 for it?

That looks to be the case considering that the game-worn mouthguard could fetch upwards of $25,000 on the auction block.

This isn’t the first time a mouthguard commands a $25,000 valuation either.

Supposedly Floyd Mayweather’s mouthguards cost him $25,000 a pop.

You Too Can Buy Steph Curry’s 2018 Championship Winning Mouthguard

According to this ESPN article, the mouthguard, which has the Under Armour logo and Curry’s interlocking SC logo, could be worth at least $25,000.

The bidding on Steph’s bite guard will open up July 26 and close on Aug. 11.

Supposedly the chain of possession is on video, the fan is said to have yelled at Steph to throw his mouthguard to him.

The fan who grabbed the flying piece of orofacial protection is quoted on ESPN as saying,

“Just like his basketball shot, he made a perfect throw to me,”

“I reached up, wrapped it in a napkin and put it in my pocket.”

The auction house has experience in this type of sale, SCP Auctions auctioned off another one of Steph Curry’s mouthguards back in 2016.

That one sold for $3,190.

David Kohler, the president of SCP Auctions, the auction house reportedly serving up Steph’s mouthpiece on a platinum platter had this to say in the ESPN piece;

“It would be perfect for a Warriors fan who is a dentist.”

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