National Smile Day Is May 31st

National Smile Day

Somerset NJ Dentist Shares National Smile Day News

There is a new “national day” on the calendar this year, May 31st is National Smile Day!

According to National Day Calendar, there are over 1,500 national days, and that number just increased by at least one as of the time of writing this dental health blog post.

INCYMI last week when we kicked off the annual #NationalDentalCareMonth celebrations, you have one more chance to commemorate your smile before we head into June.

When Is National Smile Day?

National Smile Day will be observed annually, on May 31st, beginning this year.

And it just so happens that National Smile Day comes exactly one day before National Smile Month begins!

And don’t forget about World Smile Day either.

There are a bunch of commemorative days, months, & even seasons to make us smile, but the best part about a smile is that they’re free to give and we don’t need a reason to throw one out there!

Who Is Responsible for National Smile Day?

As with National Dental Care Month, once again Dr. Tim Stirneman and Jim Wojdyla at Compassionate Dental Care in Lake In The Hills, Illinois founded National Smile Day.

The good Dr. Stirneman and Jim Wojdyla founded National Smile Day share with the world what the power of a healthy smile can do.

Confidence, health, and quality of life are just benefits for the person doing the smiling, the power communicated to the person – or people – receiving the smile is immeasurable.

Smiles are a powerful thing.

How Can You Participate In National Smile Day?

I’m guessing by simply throwing out a smile at least once would be a great way to celebrate National Smile Day.

But surely there has to be more, let’s see what the creators of National Smile Day have to say about celebrating this day of goodwill.

“Share your smile and how a smile improves your day. Use #NationalSmileDay to share on social media.”

– Dr. Stirmneman and Jim Wijdyla

Well, I guess it is that easy.

So go share a smile, and maybe some of these smile facts…

10 Smile Facts to Celebrate on National Smile Day

We all know how a simple smile goes a long way, but did you know these smile facts?

1. Smiles are contagious.
2. Smiling is the universal sign of happiness.
3. Smiling can even improve your mood – instantly.
4. Smiling improves brain health.
5. Smiling helps to reduce stress.
6. Smiles are the first thing we notice when meeting someone new.
7. It’s easier to smile than frown.
8. Babies are born with the ability to smile.
9. Women smile more than men.
10. Smiling helps your career.

There are probably 1,000,001 other smile facts, do you have any that you’d like to share with the class?

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