6 Tips for Keeping New Years Resolutions

Making & Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

How are your resolutions coming along?

What sounds completely doable on the first day of the new year can sometimes be downright impossibly to adhere to come Spring…or the middle of January for that matter.

We’ve decided to share this video in case you need some help keeping your New Year’s resolutions, courtesy of The Today Show.

Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

When the rubber hits the road with your New Year’s resolution(s), will they still be intact come Spring?

Making New Year’s resolutions is easy, keeping them is the difficult part.

Whether it’s joining the gym, improving the diet, or spending more time with friends & family, we all know how to make resolutions, but despite some of our best intentions some of us have problems actually keeping the resolution.

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This post originally appeared on the dental health blog of Dr. Frank Maldonado, and has been republished here with permission.

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