5 Delightful Dental Goodies to Enhance Your Holiday Gift Giving

Somerset NJ Dentist Shares 5 Dental-Themed Holiday Gifts

Check out some smile-friendly stocking stuffers…and more.

The holidays are here! (Although for some, they’ve been here since July.)

This magical season is a time for celebration among loved ones, where we give thanks for our fortunes and exchange gifts to express love and appreciation.

But each year can pose a new challenge to give something truly special. And we admit it: there’s nothing special about dental hygiene products.

But stuffed into a stocking or tacked onto a more distinctive gift, they can provide an extra dose of thoughtfulness and utility that your friend or family member—adults and children alike—will appreciate.

Here are a few of our easy favorites.

A Good Ole Toothbrush

It’s so easy to overlook the three-month lifespan of a toothbrush.

All the time, we see patients continue to use brushes frayed to the bone. Offer a subtle reminder and make the update seamless by including one with each gift.

Just make sure it’s ADA-approved.

Amazon offers an affordable, Prime-eligible 12-pack from Colgate.

Or eliminate that three-month cycle with an electric toothbrush; the benefits extend well beyond those regular replacements.

Chris Barnard from the Social Dental Network recommends the Philips Sonicare® Diamondclean. “It’s like the Tesla of toothbrushes” he says.

This is our favorite toothbrush, too!

Water Flosser

Even the most responsible of our patients loathe flossing, but it’s critical to sound oral health.

Water flossers are wildly effective and take much of the pain out of the process.

Birgit Gajdos, CDA, from Tooth Fairy Cyberspace, sings the water flosser’s praises:

The Waterpik® Water Flosser combo pack is the easiest, most effective way to floss. It’s perfect for anyone with braces, implants, crowns, bridges, or periodontal pockets.”

Travel Dental Kit

Heavy traveling makes for an especially hard time maintaining oral health.

Ease that burden on your beloved world explorer—and send a little bit of yourself with them on the road—with a homemade travel dental kit!

Keep it simple: Grab a reusable, water-resistant bag, add travel-sized toothpaste and mouthwash, a travel toothbrush, floss and floss picks, sugarfree gum and a small mirror.

There you have it! An immensely useful gift—full of love.

Education in Disguise

A child’s gift is always an opportunity to sneak in an educational lesson.

Among the toys they’ve been pleading for, incorporate a Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Playset or assemble a booklet of Kool Smiles activity sheets.

Tooth-Friendly Sweets

You’ve just reached the bottom of your Halloween stash, and it’s time to think about candy again.

But that doesn’t mean another round of cavity threats.

Opt for sugar-free varieties and dark chocolate over sour and sticky candies. For a full rundown on smart candy choices, revisit our Halloween guide.

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