4 Reasons Summer Is The Smile Season

Somerset NJ Dentist Shares 4 Reasons Why Summer Is The Smile Season

Summer is The Smile Season!

Summer is definitely the smile season; there are just too many reasons to smile during summer more so than any other time of the year.

Sure Halloween is great, and the Holiday season surely brings on the smiles before the winter doldrums set in, but let’s examine some of the top reasons why summer is the smile season…

4 Reasons Why Summer Is The Smile Season

Smiles come in all shapes and sizes and we certainly don’t need any reason to smile more, so what is it about summer than has the corners of our mouths turning up more so than any other season?

Ice cream will always bring a smile, but it’s better in summer. The Vitamin D we get from the sun could certainly be the catalyst to crack a smile, and summer vacations surely provide all of the smiling selfies our friends and families can handle.

So here’s our top four reasons why we feel summer is the smile season.

1. School’s Out

Visit Your Somerset NJ Dentist In Summer
Enough said.

Remember the unrelenting joy and feelings of relief, accomplishment, & anticipation that last day of school brought when you were a kid?

Yes, the beaches, pools, and amusements parks are all more crowded but we have to give school being out the nod in topping our list of reasons why summer is the smile season.

After all, this is a totally unscientific ranking – with zero supporting evidence or focus group data.

Do you know one place that isn’t crowded in the summer?…Your local Somerset NJ dentist office!

Check out this post to see why summer time is the right time to visit your dentist.

2. The 4th of July

The 4th of July Is In The Smile Season

Friends, family, BBQs, beaches, lakes, pools, boats, no work,independence, and fireworks…how could we possibly not smile on the 4th of July?

Sure the kids get to enjoy a solid sixty to ninety days of no school, but the adults look forward to some summertime off work time to recharge the batteries and simply sit back and smile.

With all the activities, events, and elation that comes with the 4th of July, we had a tough time not making this reason number one for calling summer the smile season.

3. Fairs & Carnivals

Carnivals during the summer smile season

Fairy Floss, rickety rides, rip-off games, and corn dogs; what about those things could prevent us from cracking a smile during one of our local summer fairs or carnivals?

Fairy Floss is Cotton Candy BTW…and one of the inventors was a dentist!

OK sure, that smile might be borne from fright more so than joy when strapping ourselves or our kids into that mechanical relic that used to resemble a tilt-a-whirl.

And nobody likes losing at the ring toss, shooting at an incredibly small basketball rim, or not having the necessary water pressure to pop the balloon by shooting that clown right in the kisser…but did you even notice we still smile, even when losing at games we know we will most likely lose while playing?

But when we do finally land that ping-pong ball on top of that goldfish bowl, and walk away with a prize – and a new pet – what is one of the first things we do?


Fairs and carnivals are cool, and they make us smile. We couldn’t make a summer being the smile season list without including our local fairs and carnivals as one the main reasons.

4. Parades

Parade Season Is Smile Season

Who doesn’t love a parade?

If summer can be considered the smile season, then parade season might be a close second.

From the informal summer kick-off parades of Memorial Day, to the mid-summer celebration of the local 4th of July parade, right on through to the official un-official end of summer Labor Day parade, the fanfare and pageantry of a parade is sure to provoke a smirk from even the most seasonally affected among us.

There is something nostalgic about a parade, it makes us feel good about our local community – and feeling good makes us smile.

Seeing all our neighbors and friends gather together on what hopefully is a beautiful summer day is one of the main reasons we’re closing out our smile season list with a good ol’ fashioned parade.

Do you have any more reasons why summer should be called the smile season?

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This post originally appeared on Dental Patient News and has been republished with permission.

Image Credit: Parade Float via PublicDomainPictures.net

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