3 Reasons Why You Should Floss At Work

Somerset NJ dentist shares why you should floss at work


Why Should You Floss At Work?

Regardless of what the FDA thinks, you still need to clean between your teeth. Brushing only cleans 60% of teeth surfaces. Flossing covers the rest.

You don’t have to floss at-home. Stash your string at the office!

Here are 3 reasons to do the deed at work:

1. Take a brain break.

Brain breaks boost productivity. Approximately every 90 minutes, your brain cycles from its highest attention to its lowest attention. And one of the best ways to reset your mind is to do an activity that’s out of the ordinary. Use your time out for good—floss those pearly whites!

2. Get it over with.

We know you’d rather listen to a crying baby than floss, so get it over with at the office. Time of day doesn’t matter, as long you floss at least once per day.

3. Please your coworkers.

Meetings and foul breath go together about as well as toothpaste and orange juice. Take the hygiene high road! Flossing removes food particles between teeth that can cause bad breath.

Make sure you’re flossing the right way with these step-by-step instructions.

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