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SMILE & Have a Happy 4th of July!

4th of July Smiles We’re all already well aware that summer is officially the smile season, right? Now that doesn’t mean autumn isn’t awesome, spring doesn’t provoke a significant amount of smiles, or that winter smiles are watered down. With the mission of proving how smiling proves to be somewhat easier in summer, let’s specifically […]

4 Reasons Summer Is The Smile Season

Summer is The Smile Season! Summer is definitely the smile season; there are just too many reasons to smile during summer more so than any other time of the year. Sure Halloween is great, and the Holiday season surely brings on the smiles before the winter doldrums set in, but let’s examine some of the […]

Why Is It Better To See Your Dentist In The Summer?

Summertime Is THE Time To See The Dentist It’s not like we should need a good time to see our dentist, but for most of us convenience is a key factor. With everything else going on in life, sometimes scheduling – and/or keeping – that dentist appointment can prove challenging at best. But summer is […]

5 Foods That Brighten Your Smile

Image via You’re likely aware of the foods and drinks to stay away from if you’re trying to keep your chompers looking good: red wine and other acids can chip away at tooth enamel; sweets can lead to decay; and starchy foods, like soft breads and chips, can linger in your mouth longer than […]

June Is National Smile Month!

Bet You Didn’t Know June Is National Smile Month Smiles are free, they’re contagious, relieve stress, boost our immune systems, and smiling considered is a universal sign of happiness. As if we need another reason to smile more? Along with ringing in Summer, schools letting out – there’s a reason for several million smiles across […]

Meet The Winner Of Our Referral Contest!

Meet The Winner of Our Recent Mother’s Day Referral Contest Congratulations to Ed Potosnak for winning a $250 Spa Day at Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa! Our “Send Ma to the Spa” Mother’s Day Referral Contest kicked off in February and ended on May 3rd, Ed was the lucky winner that treated the […]